Be Familiar With The Detailed Construction Processes To Repair A Damaged Drywall Ceiling

By going through this useful construction video, one can learn how to execute patch work to an old building for reforming a drywall ceiling perpetually that has been damaged (cracked) severely. This youtube construction video is presented by the general contractor Tom Silva.

When drywall ceilings get damaged, there should be a dissimilar repair method. Ceiling drywall is denser as compared to the sheets applied for walls.

For minor areas, eliminate as little drywall as possible. For extended damaged areas, pull out the complete damaged area and restore it with a patch with standard drywall repair system.

For the repairing purpose, the following construction elements are required to purchase:
- 5/8-inch plywood
- 2x4
- construction adhesive
- wood shims
- 2-inch-wide painter's tape
- fiberglass mesh tape
- joint compound
- 1 1/4-inch drywall screws

The following construction tools are necessary to start repairing work: - drill/driver, fitted with 3/16-inch-diameter drill bit and 1-inch diameter spade bit
- drywall tip, for driving drywall screws to precisely the right depth
- hammer
- caulk gun
- utility knife
- flat trowel and plaster hawk


How To Repair Drywall Ceiling