Construction Report Manage Pro is the newest mobile based construction app

Construction Manager belongs to a Mobile Applicationis that can function in the construction jobsite. This construction app supports all android mobile devices. The building contractor can use this construction tool to instantly generate estimation in their jobsite as well as produce project status.

This Construction Management Application can be used to handle all Construction related projects in real time. The software is specifically created to guarantee the perfect and constant flow of information like maintenance logs and daily reports of labor, material and work completion status.


  • With this construction app, the building contractor can produce several project as well as allot multiple engineers to specific project.
  • Generate estimates for construction project, compute labor, material, subcontract and other costs.
  • Facilitates the management professionals to make and allocate several contractor to the individual project.

  • Can establish price details for the contractor concerning all labor.
  • Can easily figure out projects and time sheets amid company headquarters and construction jobsites.
  • Assess the amount of executable work.
  • Estimation Forms and Reports are produced as PDF or Excel Format and the users can distribute these through Email.
  • Automatically workout total cost concerning labor, material, subcontract and the grand total of the estimates.

  • Save and View produced reports and estimations over mobile all time.
  • With map view option, the users can easily identify the location of the place as well as recognize the employee location.
  • All labor reports are preserved through mobile.

Link for download

Construction Report Manage Pro