Detailed process for measuring Cutting Length Of Bent Up Bar In Slab

This construction video is a part of technical lectures on Civil Engineering. The video will introduce you with the detailed processes for estimating cutting length of bent up bar in slab

If the reinforcing bars are fabricated with bends, the straight bar is primarily sliced to a length below the sum of the indicated dimensions of the bent bar. The variation among the detailed length and the cut length is defined as the "bend curvature deduction" and alternatively called as gain, creep, and gyp.

When the bent-up bars are supplied, their support to the shear resistance shall not be in excess of half that of the total shear reinforcement.

The general method of bending of a bar adjacent to a support is at an angle of 450. The angle of bend may set at 300 in shallow beams where actual depth is below 1.5 times its breadth. The objective of bend adjacent to a support is as below :-

To withstand negative bending moment happening at the region of the support to withstand shear force that is superior at the support.

cutting length of bent up bar