Construction Event on Estimation Technology 2016

Estimation Technology For Construction 2016 focuses on first national congress to reveal how estimation and preconstruction departments can leverage models, databases and data to enhance the accuracy and speed of cost estimation.

After detailed research with over 40 construction professionals, the agenda has been designed to meet the challenges of estimation in 2016, such as maximizing the role of model-based quantification, optimizing workflows, integrating 2D and 3D tools, utilizing historical data, managing databases and developing standardized processes for all of the above.

Who Should Attend?

• PRECONSTRUCTION and ESTIMATION DIRECTORS will attend to hear how to redesign workflows and train staff to not only adopt, but fully utilize the benefits of disruptive technology – and learn how to prove the business case for adoption.
• ESTIMATORS will attend to receive practical and interactive training on how to use models, historical data and databases effectively to create accurate and trustworthy quantities and cost estimates

• VDC DIRECTORS & BIM MANAGERS will attend to understand the role of the estimator and determine how to conduct modelling in ways that will further benefit the preconstruction department ad reduce duplication of efforts

Event Date : May 23-25, 2016

Event Location : San Francisco

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estimation technology for construction 2016