Ferrocement is a useful construction material to prevent structural damages due to earthquake

Ferrocement refers to a one type of thin wall reinforced concrete generally formed with hydraulic cement mortar reinforced together with tightly placed layers having continuous and comparatively small size wire mesh. Metallic or other suitable materials are used to develop the mesh.

Ferrocement contains a very high tensile strength-to- weight ratio and greater cracking behavior as compared to traditional reinforced concrete. Therefore, the thin ferrocement structures seem to be comparatively light and watertight. Extensive use of the ferrocement materials are found in developing prefabricated housing units, boats, barges as well as hulls for boats, shell roofs, and water tanks and other portable structures. Ferrocement is approved by ACI 549R-97 for the above mentioned structures. Ferrocement is considered as a superior material because of its tightly apportioned reinforcement.

Ferrocement provides great advantages to the construction professionals due to cost efficiency, accessibility of materials, quick time of fabrication and flexibility of extension and portability.


Ferrocement is a useful construction material