Professor Tim Ibell explains the fundamentals of bending moment & shear force diagrams

This construction video provides useful information on how to use Etabs 2016 for creating effective slab design.

Professor Tim Ibell, the associate dean (Research) for the Faculty of Engineering and Design, presents this informative construction video tutorial in which he briefly explains the fundamentals of bending moments and shear force diagrams toward simple supported beams.

The shear force at a section of a beam denotes the force that shears off the section and is gained as the algebraic sum of all forces along with the reactions performing normal to the axis of the beam either to the left or right of the beam.

A moment stands for rotational force that happens when a force is functional perpendicularly to a point at a specified distance away from that point. It is estimated as the perpendicular force multiplied by the distance from the point. A Bending Moment belongs to basically the bend that happens in a beam because of a moment.

The capacity to measure the bending moment of a beam is general practice for structural engineers.

he fundamentals of bending moment & shear force diagrams