GRIDFORM™ Is An Advanced Concrete Reinforcing System For Vehicular Bridge Decks

GRIDFORM™ refers to a superior concrete-reinforcing system supported with prefabricated fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) double-layer grating and fundamental stay-in-place (SIP) form specifically designed for vehicular bridge decks.

This reinforcement system comprises of FRP plates glued to the bottom grating of FRP double-layer grating panels which produce a bidirectional, lightweight panel of the grid construction to be used with corrosion-free concrete bridge decks.


The lightweight GRIDFORM™ panel measures only 4.7 pounds per square foot. It is fabricated in shop with very big units which are restricted only by shipping constraints to around 50 ft. by 8 ft.

In the jobsite, the GRIDFORM™ is elevated through a single pick of a crane and directly set in the girders of the bridge. The GRIDFORM™ panel is pre-engineered and completed so that it can be affixed quickly to the bridge girders and relevant concrete placement and forming. The GRIDFORM™ bridge deck lasts long as compared to the steel reinforced concrete bridge decks as FRP delivers a corrosion-free reinforcement system for the concrete.

GRIDFORM™ Design Guide

The GRIDFORM™ Design Guide offers proper guidelines to structural engineers to define if GRIDFORM™ can be substituted for steel rebar as the internal reinforcement system for reinforced concrete bridge decks. Any engineering firm or installation contractor can utilize GRIDFORM™ by adhering to Strongwell's Terms and Conditions.

The GRIDFORM™ Design Guide is based on Microsoft® Excel® version 2003 or 2007.


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GRIDFORM™ Is An Advanced Concrete Reinforcing System For Vehicular Bridge Decks