How cement is used as useful construction materials in all through the globe

In recent time, cement is considered as the one of the most crucial construction materials in building and construction industries that is utilized extensively all through the globe to build up various engineering structures.

Generally cement is applied individually as a material for plastering but it can also be used with mortar as well as concrete by blending it with inert material called aggregate to develop a robust building material. Given below some diversified usages of cement :-

1. The most vital application is to form concrete and mortar.
2. Cement mortar is utilized with masonry work, plaster, pointing, etc.
3. Cement concrete is useful for placing floors, roofs, constructing lintels, beams, weather sheds, stairs, pillars, etc.
4. It is also utilized to build up endurable engineering structures like bridges, culvert, dams, tunnels, storage reservoirs, light houses, docks, etc.

5. It is also applied for structuring of water tanks, tennis courts, septic tanks, lamp posts, roads, telephone cabins, etc.
6. With cement, the joints can be developed for drains, pipes, etc.
7. All the precast pipes, garden seats, aesthetically designed urns, flower pots, dust bins, fencing posts, etc are built up with cement.

8. It is also a vital element for foundations, watertight floors, footpaths, etc.
9. It can also develop fire-resistant structures in the shape of concrete as well as acid-resistance and water-resistant structures.

10. Any color can be mixed with cement and used for beautifying or coloring the structures.
11. It is applied for concreting the tunnel or geological walls to increase the durability of the structure.


How cement is used as useful construction materials
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