How To Build A Home In Just 8 Weeks With The Use Of Precast Concrete Panels

This construction video explains the construction processes which are applied to develop Precast Concrete Homes. The video demonstrates how precast concrete panels are used to make the building stronger as well as how a conventional 4 bedroom home can be developed in 8 weeks. This type of construction material is better than brick veneer as it can transform the process 16 weeks more rapidly. By applying this construction material, the owners can get possession of their home quickly and builders will be able to accomplish lots of projects in every year.

The concrete walls are most suitable as these offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Besides, they are also enormously durable. They can easily withstand cyclones, floods, earthquakes and ground movements. They are ideal for bushfire prone areas because they outdo the Australian Bushfire Standard (AS3959) for the highest “Flame Zone” category.

Precast concrete wall systems are built with different types of shapes, and wall types. Usually, precast concrete wall systems belong to three basic categories: solid, sandwich and thin-shell. These are panelized and founded in either a horizontal or vertical position and applied in all types of structures ranging from residential to commercial, institutional to industrial. Wall panels are designed as nonloadbearing or loadbearing, sustaining floor and roof loads along with lateral loads.

Advantages of Precast Concrete Wall Panels

A precast concrete panel provides a wide array of advantages. The sandwich construction method applied with the precast concrete walls enhances the strength and sound insulation, as well as superior safeguard against possible hazards like fires. Precast concrete panels also offer energy-saving advantages. As the concrete wall panels are segregated with a layer of thermal insulation, the precast concrete wall panel system leads to increase energy performance, which can in turn assist to reduce complete costs.

For designers, insulated wall panels offer incredible elasticity. The accessibility of various finishes, textures, shapes, and colors provide a plenty of innovative options to execute any design virtually.


How To Build A Home In Just 8 Weeks With The Use Of Precast Concrete Panels