How To Set Up Stone Veneer To The Exterior Of Your Home To Give It An Elegant Look

Rae Young briefly shows through this youtube construction video to set up Stone Veneer in exterior of your home to give an elegant look.

Stone veneer is a useful construction material to be applied as a preventive and fancy covering for outward or inward vertical walls and surfaces. The veneer is generally 1 inch thick and its weight should be below 15 pounds per square foot (73 kg/m2)in order to avoid any extra structural supports.

Stone veneer is built with natural stone and manufactured stone.

Natural stone veneer is developed with real stone that belongs to either collected, i.e. fieldstone, or quarried. The stone is sliced to a uniform thickness and weighted to be applied as a veneer. This stone is usually known as thin stone veneer.

Manufactured stone veneer refers to an attractive building material built to reproduce the look of natural stone. Various types of artificial stones, faux stone, stacked stone veneer, manufactured stone, and flexible stone veneer are also utilized for manufactured stone veneer.

Manufactured Stone veneer is formed by pouring a lightweight concrete mix into rubber forms having various styles. It is then colored to make it real stone. Then the produced stone veneer is added to walls through special mortars.

Flexible stone veneer is produced by dragging a thin layer of stone out of a slab of slate, sandstone, or mica schist. It is supported with a blended material.


How to set up stone veneer