Losch Software, the provider of different types of engineering software, introduced LECPres for Precast/Prestressed Concrete Beam Design

This construction program is specifically created for helping the licensed engineer to make the design of precast and/or prestressed concrete beams and slabs efficient.

The software offers the following functionalities :

  • Deals with any composition of prestressing strand and/or mild reinforcing
  • In-built torsion analysis is based on ACI or PCI methods
  • Straight and single or double strand depression
  • Workout prestress loss automatically or manually
  • Camber prediction at release, erection and final, using live load and devoid of live load
  • Bi-linear deflection calculation is applied if cracking stress is surpassed
  • Useful in-built section property calculator
  • Transformed section is applied for computing stress
  • Two stage topping thickness option
  • Supports sloped top flange
  • Sets cantilevers at one or both ends
  • Offers top steel necessary for IT and L beams
  • Choice for rebar anchorage at ends of member
  • Several uniform, concentrated and trapezoidal loads, even concentrated moments. Any of these are unconventional
  • It can indicate percent of live load to be used with service load stresses (ideal for parking deck design)
  • Simplified Windows graphical interface with print preview

The initial license fee consists of one year of telephone support and maintenance updates

One can access a free trial version of this construction program. To avail this just sign and fax or mail back the evaluation license agreement to the company. The trial period will expire after 30 days and then the software will stop functioning if a license version is not bought. The trial version offers the similar functionalities as the licensed version.

Given below some screenshots related to the functionalities of the software
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Link for download

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