RebarWin – A powerful software for rebar detailers

RebarWin is a powerful construction program that can be used for rebar detailing. The software is specifically designed for rebar detailers who are involved in construction and civil engineering projects.

The users can select through different types of measuring systems (As for instance US Imperial and Softmetric, European metric.

Given below, some major features of RebarWin:

• Produces sorted, weighed and compiled bar lists.
• Prints labels should be attached with the rebar bundles.
• Compatible with Imperial, SoftMetric and European Metric Measuring Systems.
• Exports to Excel® SpreadSheet.
• Either bar lists and labels are categorized (and in what order), weighed and/or accumulated is settled by the user when they are printed.
• Preserves standard bend shapes in databases to avail them smoothly and automatically. A primary collection is integrated that will be visible in the samples page.
• The placing requirements can be described with graphics. All rebar necessary in a structure can appear jointly in the bar list and in the same label, in a superior-quality placing drawing. To define high complexity structures properly, bar list and label paper sizes should be raised. These structures are preserved in databases with the purpose of not redrawing them each time.

• Estimates bending dimensions out of other identified dimensions.
• Works out straight and bent varying bars.
• If necessary, employ bending deductions to shearing length and/or weight is determined by the user when bar lists, labels or statistics are printed.
• The length/weight relation and bending deductions are easily modified and have to be configured separately for various machines.

• Rebar Orders are arranged according to projects and units. A list and total weight for all the orders in a project, unit, type or date range can be easily acquired.
• Produces statistical reports. Information can also be obtained on how much has been bent and how much has persisted straight for each diameter and machine, and that in a specified project, unit, type or date range.

• The previous features are provided in the 60-day trial shareware version, that can be downloaded at free of cost. The following, export / import and network sharing, are only accessible to registered users.
• Export Orders (bar detailing lists) and Models (bend types) to a file so as to deliver them by e-mail or diskette to another computer. With export / Import options the detailers will be able to work on the similar project in various locations.
• Network sharing.
• If required, any modification can be done to the program.

To download the program, click on the following link

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