Robotics Technologies In Construction Can Save Significant Time & Labor Cost

Recently Robotics technologies make a sea change in conventional building process. Robotics technologies can automate the laborious method of laying bricks as well as develops complete walls rapidly and cause less waste.

The Hadrian 105 is a technology prototype (a robot) that contains a laying speed of 1000 bricks per hour. Consequently it can perform 20 times faster as compared to an average human brickie.

It can set the brick framework of a house in just two days.

Hadrian is supported with a 28-metre telescopic boom. It will be assembled on a truck in its final form, facilitating superior movement. The robot obtains information out of a 3D computer-aided design of the home, having mortar pushed under pressure towards the head of the boom. It also repairs itself 1000 times a second.

Another revolutionary new technology is FastBrick that leverages the complete power of CAD CAM facilitating the engineers and architects to form an entire 3d model and “print” the wall structure directly from model. So it is considered as the most powerful 3D Manufacturing technology.

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