Some Useful Guidelines For Concrete Slab Design In Visual Analysis 9.0

Jon Lovgren, the Engineer at Beaudette Consulting Engineers, Inc., has presented a useful construction video that shows how to create the design of a concrete slab with Visual Analysis 9.0, a powerful software for structural engineers. Learn the detailed design procedures toward both manual and auto-meshed plates, together with the definitions of the input parameters and general hazards and drawbacks of the procedure.

Visual Analysis is a construction program ideal for structural analysis and member design of standard beams, columns, frames, trusses and building models. With Visual Analysis the structural engineers can get key solutions for big or unusual structures effortlessly and rapidly.

This construction software is used to examine both lateral and gravity loads in a single model.

Visual Analysis simplify the process for developing models with sketching, DXF import, copy & paste, parametric formation of general components (frames, tanks, walls, bracing, floor systems, etc.), import from spreadsheet or other tools, and BIM. Blend materials in your models: steel, wood, concrete, cold-formed and aluminum.

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Some useful guidelines for concrete slab design in Visual Analysis 9.0