Types of footings with diagrams

This is a nice video presentation from Parag Pal, the renowned civil engineer. In this video, Mr. Parag gives brief explanation about types of footings mostly utilized in construction. The types of footings range from isolated footings, mat footings, strap footings, combined footings. All the footings are demonstrated with their diagrams.

Footings are considered as the most vital parts in various foundations like bridges.

Isolated footings - Isolated footings are used in normal home, house constructions. When footing is arranged to provide support to a distinct column, it is known as ?isolated footing?. It belongs to circular, square or rectangular slab having identical thickness.

Combined footings - When two or more columns in a straight line are passed on a single spread footing, it is known as a combined footing. It is generally utilized when the two column are very adjacent to each other so that their individual footings would coincide.

Strap footings - A strap footing is a constituent of the foundation of a building. It is one sort of combined footing that contains two or more column footings attached with a concrete beam. This type of beam is known as a strap beam.

Mat/Raft foundation or mat footings - A big, dense, generally reinforced concrete mat that delivers loads from various columns and walls, to the foundational rock or soil. It is called raft foundation.

For online demonstration, watch the following video.

Types of footings with diagrams