Sight Survey 2016 – A Completely 3d Coordinate Geometry Package For Surveyors

Carlson Software recently launched Sight Survey 2016, a completely 3d coordinate geometry package that includes a wide range of toolset to bring solutions to your regular COGO calculations. Carlson Sight Survey supports AutoCAD®, IntelliCAD®, and MicroStation®. Sight Survey 2016 contains supplementary tools which can work with Carlson’s 3D design environment software in Precision 3D – Culverts (sold distinctly). New storm water-related commands are included to function with P3D – Culverts like Design 3D Culvert, Draw 3D Culvert, and Draw Sewer Network Profile.

The entire package is combined with the two dissimilar programs like COGO and CAD. The surveyors will find a cost-effective way to import field-to-finish and other survey data directly to the CAD application or vice versa.

Carlson Sight Survey 2016 offers the following features :-

There are new surface commands in the Surface menu which contain Import LandXML Surface, Simplify Surface to lessen noise and file size, and Triangulation File Utilities to revise TIN Surfaces;
• New Centerline Menu with Input-Edit Centerline File, Polyline to Centerline File, and Offset Point Entry commands;

• Superior Annotation Menu containing 12 extra commands for line and polyline annotation;
• Superior Import Coordinate File display with a 50 point ASCII¬Style preview; and
• Greater Draw Field-to-Finish with significant performance enhancements for MicroStation®.

Carlson Simplicity Sight Survey is compatible with six diverse versions of MicroStation®: v8 2004, XM and through v8i SELECTseries 3. Besides, Sight Survey 2016 includes IntelliCAD® 7.2 and support for up to AutoCAD® 2014.


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