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Civil Engineering – The newest construction app for engineering science students & professional

Some useful processes to resist corrosion in steel reinforcement

Learn the process to Seal or Repair Cracks in Concrete Floors & Walls

Brief overview of various building elements necessary for reinforced concrete structure

Placement of lap in column as per IS Code 13920

Basic needs of a Building

Various types of masonry Mortar

How batching of concrete is done

A position is vacant for Quantity Surveyor / Estimator

Guidelines for site layout or job layout at construction site

Details of Foundation in Construction

Brief overview of workability of concrete

SSC Junior Engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Quantity Surveying & Contract) Recruitment 2017

Some useful tips for making inspection of reinforcement in jobsite

Some useful method to resist corrosion in suspension bridge cables

RebarWin – A powerful construction program for structural design

How to minimize efflorescence in fresh concrete masonry walls

Brief overview of Reinforcements for Slabs-on-Ground Crack Width Control

How to design the RCC columns inexpensively

Brief discussion on lap length of bars

Some useful tips to compute the quantity of shuttering

On site demonstration of mixing and placing concrete

Types of bridge and bridge components

Various types of cofferdam

How to settle density of various masonry walls in buildings

Different types of concrete mixes

About the Efflorescence on Brick masonry, its causes and treatment techniques

Illustration of stress-strain curve for concrete and steel

Download spreadsheet to assess wind load on solar panels

Specification of M50 concrete mix design

IRCON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is hiring Civil Engineer, Site Supervisor(Civil)

Some useful tips to select an authentic subcontractor in your construction project

Soil mechanics and foundation engineering – An exclusive book for civil engineers

Brief overview of rise and fall table in land surveying

Variations among column and struts

Strut-and-Tie Model Analysis / Design of Structural Concrete

How to find out the required amount of concrete for construction work

5 Methods of Calculating Quantities of Materials

The role of a quantity surveyor in construction sector

Benefits of Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) in Concrete Construction

Curtain Wall Design Tips For Water Penetration & Condensation

Different types of bearings used in bridge structures

Some vital points a site civil engineer should abide by

How selection of construction site is dependent on the various factors

Guidelines to follow for acceptance criteria for concrete

Calculation of Cement and Sand Quantity for Plastering

EMMA calculator for measuring electrical quantities

How concrete strength is impacted with different factors

Some newest technology to make construction process smarter

How to layout columns for a residence on the basis of thumb rules

Definition of M20 grade of concrete

Application of various types of plumbing pipes in construction

Variations among plastering & pointing

TMT Steel Bar – Manufacturing & Construction Basics

Variations among plastering & pointing

Details of Punching Shear in slabs and foundations

How beam and lintel differs as per structural behavior & load carrying system

Brief overview of Moving Buildings

Cross Section Analysis & Design is a powerful construction program for analysis & design of structural cross section

Some useful tips to determine the monthly rental value of your structure

6 helpful tips to avoid common construction delays

Safety Measures in Construction Site

Benefits of drones in construction

Various types of tests conducted to verify the quality of aggregates in road work

The duties and responsibilities of civil engineers

Brief explanation of rebaring method in reinforced concrete construction

MasterRC Pile Cap Designer – An exclusive software for designing & detailing of normal shaped pile caps

Some crucial points to be considered before purchasing cement bags for jobsite

Details of technical specifications of bitumen macadam & bitumen concrete for any road work

The uses of excavation supports or earth retaining structures

Reinforcement details for slabs-on-ground with crack control factors

7 Basic Tests of Bricks to ensure it’s quality

Common types of pipe fittings in a plumbing system

Benefits of concrete covers blocks in RCC work

Step-by-step guidelines to develop a concrete block wall

Some useful tips to develop and pour concrete stairs

Characteristics of Mass Concrete

Brief demonstration of drywall estimating template in excel

How to make design of concrete corbel with spreadsheet

How to design a beam in excel with coefficient method

Some useful tips to read civil engineering drawings efficiently

How to determine grades of concrete following IS 456:2000 standard

Guidelines for reinforced cement concrete design

What are the maximum bearing capacity of various types of soil

CSiBridge 2017 – The newest software for 3D bridge analysis

How to estimate the quantity or number of dump trucks necessary for cut & filling of soil

How to compute the dry volume in concrete

Cutting Length of Triangular Stirrups

How to find out water absorption ratio in bricks

How to examine brickwork in a wall

How to determine the cutting length of stirrups

Some misconceptions in concrete and cement sectors

Brief explanation of welded connection of single angle section with gusset connection

Variations among Warren Truss, Howe Truss and Pratt Truss

How to design the reinforced concrete wall

Learn to compute cement quota, brickwork volume & no. of fixes for a brick wall

Definition of striking and pointing in brickwork

Different types of clear cover in reinforcement concrete

Necessary IS Codes for Functional Requirements In Buildings

Some useful guidelines on Vastu for a Living Room

Benefits of Concrete floor heating

How to develop marble flooring in a site

Variations among rough cost and detailed cost

Slipformed Concrete and its advantages

Different types of doors for building

Types of footings with diagrams

How to generate bar bending schedule for the floor columns

Benefits of Mivan Aluminium Formwork System for construction sectors

Variation among Plastering and Pointing

How to calculate the quantities for steel, cement, sand & aggregates in a flat slab

How to study column footing drawing for a structure

How to Locate a Home Renovation Contractor

How to use AutoCAD for generating bar bending schedule

How to estimate materials for a underground sewer pipe

How to resist diagonal cracks in brick walls

Download truss design spreadsheet

Demonstration of center line method

How to design the rooms of a building with different standard & sizes

Brief demonstration on counterfort retaining wall

How to design and find out the size of rectangular open channel in Hydraulic Engineering

Overview of Peikko DSA Punching Reinforcement System for Cast-in-Place Concrete

Variation among pad foundation, strip foundation and raft foundation

Various aspects of Design Loads

Some useful construction tips to provide clear cover for reinforced concrete structure

Analysis and Design of Concrete Retaining Wall

Various types of loads acting on building structure

How to analyze rates for a PCC work with spreadsheet

Detail processes for creating the design of RCC Column with foundation

How to derive formula for super elevation or road bending

How to compute quantity of steel in column footing with BBS

Get Numerous Civil Engineering Notes Online

Brief overview of rolled steel sections in construction

Some useful construction tips on concrete mix design

Shear Force and Bending Moment Of Simply Supported Beam With Point Load

How to use excel to calculate required labor for Brick Masonry Work

How to organize building layout in 90 degree angle

How to use Staad Pro computer program to analyze a continuous beam with various types of loading

Joint Detailing of Steel Hollow Sections

Some useful design and analysis software for engineers

Different methods to strengthen the masonry walls

Brief overview of working stress design & its parameters

Some useful tips for machine foundation design

Reasons for failure of bearing capacity on foundation

Download online construction estimate calculator to estimate the quantities of materials

How to measure the quantity of asphalt in road construction

How to arrange bar bending schedule for RCC Beams

How does water play an important role in concrete?

Design specifications for footings following IS 456: 2000

How to design a sewer line pipe

Make your estimating, project management and bidding process smarter with ProContractor

Distinctive Construction Joints Details and Spot for Beams and Columns

What should be the qualities of a qualified civil engineers

How to apply conjugate beam method for beam rotations and deflections

Detailed methods for slump test to check the consistency of fresh concrete

CE CALC – An exclusive online calculator for Civil and Structural Engineers

Different types of Loads and Forces functioning on Retaining Wall

Concept of Stress and Strain Curve/Diagram

How bridge works to sustain various loads

Some useful construction tips to compute the sliding safety factor for cantilever retaining walls


Some useful methods for estimating building works

Different categories of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems for constructing the bridge

Some useful construction tips to design a rectangular beam


How to apply bending moment calculator

How to design a column and footing efficiently – Some useful construction tips

How to design a staircase with proper tread and riser

How to measure wind load by adhering to CP 3:Chapter V-2:1972


An exclusive construction video tutorial to find a zero force member in a truss

Some useful construction tips for making foundation stronger

How to plan for a bridge construction with sequence & steps of planning

Some useful construction tips to draw influence lines for truss members


How to measure the volume of sand and cement for plastering of a wall

BBS of staircase can be easily created with Concept Of Similarity Of Triangles

3D animation of detailed construction process


Installation process with euro pattern concrete slabn

How to calculate shear stress at various points for an I-shaped cross-section


How to obtain the quantity of 1.226 cft in 1 bag cement

How to find out the unit weight of reinforcement bar per meter

Process for creating design of Seismic Tie Beams

How to tie reinforcement bar with binding wire

Variation among Working stress method and Limit state method

Variance among Primary, Secondary and Tie Beam

How to measure steel for pier, pile and circular column with circular ties

How to place stirrups with proper structural drawings in a column

How the functionality of concrete is affected by the different factors

How to design R.C.C lintels

Download sample spreadsheet to sum rebar weights according to bar diameter

How to estimate the weight of a mild steel plate

Details of Reinforcement in Columns

Details of slab reinforcement on the basis of bar bending schedule

Download the spreadsheet for designing the concrete strip footing

Detailed process for measuring Cutting Length Of Bent Up Bar In Slab

Learn the step-by-step processes for bore piling

Brief overview of Underwater Anti-wash Concrete

Basic differences between Mortar and Concrete

Detailed process for measuring weight of steel


Overview Of Combined Trapezoidal Footing Design

How to perform Estimating for Painting Contractors

Different Sorts of Scaffolding

GaLa Reinforcement is a powerful construction program to streamline any structural design process

Details of Deep Foundation

Detailed guidelines on Bar Bending Schedule of Beam

The reason behind the usage of reinforcement in concrete

Step-by-step guidelines to estimate bricks of a wall

Detailed information on Shallow Foundation

Variation between one way slab and two way slabs

What is 1.54 in Concrete during the calculation of quantity of sand, cement and aggregate?

Steel Rods: Essential In Reinforcement

Example of Concrete Slab Formwork Design

A detailed tutorial on Quantity Surveying

Slope Deflection Procedure With Frame Analysis

Difference Between Development Length and Lap Length

Brief demonstration of Construction Cost Estimator

Derivation for quantity in CFT in 1 Bag Cement

Categories of admixtures

Reasons for defects in brick masonry

Brief guidelines to measure stringers for a set of stairs

Download a wide array of European Wide Flange HEA HEB Profile Steel Sections dwg CAD drawings

How to make concrete mix design calculation with concrete quality software

Different types of shallow foundations

How to design singly reinforced beam with limit state method

Machine Foundation and Vibration Analysis

How to model reinforced concrete structures efficiently with Condor Modeller System (CMS)

Brief overview of footing in construction

Brief Demonstration Of Trio Wall

Brief demonstration of Koncrete AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks

How to develop stairs – Some useful tricks

Download an exclusive online construction calculator for measuring concrete work

Some useful construction tips to calculate excavation of trenches

How to estimate the quantity of cement, sand and aggregate in Microsoft Excel

The process for estimating Cement, Sand and Aggregate Quantity in Concrete

Some useful construction tips for becoming a successful rebar checker

Advantages Of Truss Mesh Reinforcement For Brick Wall

Types of Spillways

Standard Designs of Gabion

Professor Tim Ibell explains the fundamentals of bending moment & shear force diagrams

How to use Etabs 2016 for slab design

Stability And Determinacy Of Trusses

Tutorial On Estimating and Costing

Most useful processes for Truss Analysis

How to use Tekla Structure 2016 for bridge pier reinforcement

Process for executing Bulking Test for Fine Aggregate (Sand)

Structural Engineering Programs REFM and RSTAB help engineers to analyze various steel and metal structures

Tips to calculate a stair

Virtual Work Method For Frames

Download excel sheet for designing a pile cap

How to measure Reinforcement with column & footing

Detailed steps for a building construction

Excel based template for concrete estimating

How to design and detail the RCC Beams

Concrete Footings – Some useful guidelines

Construction Materials & Quality Control in construction site for Civil Engineering

How to measure weights of Steel Bar Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Works

Edificius – The most powerful software for architecture, engineering & construction sectors

Foundation Failures and how to repair them

How to use ETABS for designing reinforced concrete floor slab for gravity loads

A useful video tutorial on drawing Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram

How to use fast setting plaster to skim coat over cinder block walls

Details of Machine Foundation

ADAPT-Builder Suite – A useful construction software for designing conventionally reinforced concrete structures

8 Major Cement Ingredients & their functions

How to ascertain depth of foundation

How method of joints is used for truss analysis

The proper methods for reinforcing steel placement

How to calculate the amount of concrete

Various Types of Prefab Roof Trusses

Concrete Blocks – Manufacturing Process & Benefits

SafeBasements Waterproofing can make your foundation stronger

Types of bonds generally found in wall construction developed with brick masonry

Benefits of Grillage Foundation

How to replace damaged vinyl siding of a house with Brick Siding Panel system

Brief demo of Clay Block Walling System for building

Some useful construction tips for ground improvement or ground treatment

How to pour a concrete footing for a block garage

How to estimate the amount of concrete for pouring a L shaped concrete slab

A useful demonstration on Reinforcing Detailing Of R.C.C Members

Deck Construction – Detailed Methods

Benefits of developing precast concrete homes

An exclusive construction tutorial on bending moment and shear force diagram

Some useful construction tips to organize bar bending schedule manually

Mix Design on the basis of Dry Condition

Different types of foundation and their usefulness

How to apply method of joints for truss analysis

Top 5 android apps in 2016 for construction professionals

FreeCPM – A web based, easy to use online scheduling solution

Some useful construction tips for quality control of concrete throughout construction

Brief overview of Reinforced Concrete Materials

What is Segregation of concrete?

Detailed processes for bond beam concrete block construction

How to determine zero force members in truss structures

How construction projects are completed successfully before schedule with Microsoft HoloLens Technology

How MB Estimating Spreadsheet is useful for electrical, plumbing, construction, or other business

Bamboo is a useful building material to resist earthquake and cyclone

Concept and usefulness of leveling in civil engineering

How to design steel frame in Sap2000 structural analysis & design program

How to lay brick and mix cement efficiently to develop a brick wall

Structural Analysis : How to check the stability of a structure

Types of Engineering Surveying

Difference between Cement Plastering and Rendering?

How to restore the existing service entrance with PMC 780 concrete stamping pads

Losch Software, the provider of different types of engineering software, introduced LECPres for Precast/Prestressed Concrete Beam Design

Benefits of externally bonded reinforcement toward concrete & masonry

How to determine Shear Force & Bending Moment Equations for a beam

Importance of augmented reality (AR) technology in construction

Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet is considered as the most suitable construction material for your roof

Some useful construction tips to repair leaks on roof

Different Types Of Aggregate Used In Concrete

How to create your own concrete form with x-carve 3d carving machine & Easel software

Brief explanation of wall footing design

BSF admixtures help to maintain sustainability in concrete and cement

How to build semi circular arch for a brick wall

Give an elegant look and style to your house with these 17 various types of Roof Designs

How To Lay Bricks In Quickest Possible Time

How To Conduct Various Tests For Checking The Quality Of Bricks

Types of Wall Systems

Watch The Demo Of Advance Steel, A Powerful 3D BIM Steel Detailing Software

How To Build A Home In Just 8 Weeks With The Use Of Precast Concrete Panels

Various Elements Of Bridge Structures

An Exclusive Construction Demo On Finite Element Modeling Of RC Beams

Reinforcing Of Shear Wall

Construction Master 5 – A Useful Construction Tool For Building Professionals

How Concrete Strength Is Influenced By Water To Cement Ratio

How To Examine The Quality Of Building Materials In The Jobsite

Robotics Technologies In Construction Can Save Significant Time & Labor Cost

Functionalities Of Weight Calculator

The Forthcoming Estimating Courses In July And September By CIIA

How To Resist Cracking In Fresh Concrete

Demo of Climbing Formwork System

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) And Its Properties

Some Useful Construction Tips For Replacing Shingle Roof

How To Perfectly Lay Blocks For A Brick Wall

10 Concrete Mix Thumb Rules Useful For Every Engineers

How To Set Up Wood Fence With Posts And Pickets

How RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) And RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete)

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Flab Slabs Toward Flab Slab Floor System

Reinforcement Of Foundation Walls And Footers

How To Resolve Wood Fencing Damage Due To Rot

Usefulness of Reinforced Concrete over Plain Concrete

Specification Of Concrete Cover For Concrete Slab Design

How To Arrange Concrete Subfloor For Laminate Flooring Installation

Procedure Of Concrete Calculation

How To Build Up A Baby Basement

Elevator Shaft Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Details

An Exclusive Animated Construction Video On Spider Tie Concrete Wall Forming System

Brief Overview Of Concrete Construction Process

Cement Production Process

Designers Ron Culver & Joseph Sarafian Jointly Develop An Exclusive Method To Cast Concrete In Lycra Stretched With Robotic Arms

REBARS Is A Spreadsheet Program To Determine Reinforcing Bar Development And Splice Lengths For Steel Reinforcement

How To Use Adobe Geomesh Construction Material To Resist Earthquake For Building

Some Sample Interview Questions For Project Manager Position

Sight Survey 2016 – A Completely 3d Coordinate Geometry Package For Surveyors

Useful Construction Video Tutorial To Understand Blueprints And Drawing Scales

Estimated Quantities And Sizes Of Reinforcement For Several Building Projects

Time Lapse Construction Video On New Extension Of Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital

How To Estimate And Cost The Civil Engineering Projects With Excel

How National Construction Estimator Functions

Some Essential Steps To Construct A Wafflemat Foundation

Categories and Design of RCC Slabs and RCC Structures

GRIDFORM™ Is An Advanced Concrete Reinforcing System For Vehicular Bridge Decks

FrameDesign – An exclusive construction app for 2D frames design

List Of Essential Civil Engineering Softwares

Categories, Design And Modes Of Failure Of Retaining Walls

Brief Overview Of Rebound Hammer Test

Spectrum Construction Software Is A Useful Cloud Based Construction Program For Small & Large Construction Companies

Advantages Of Installing A Steel Shingle Roof Over The Existing Asphalt Shingle Roof

How To Make Concrete Foundation Estimate

Soil Reinforcement and it’s application

Create 2D Reinforcement Sheets From 3D models with SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2016

How to make concrete water tight to make the construction durable

Brick Sizes & Dimensions in Different Countries

Usefulness of Construction Geometry for Roof Framing

Mat Footing And Its Application

How To Compute The Design Moment Strength Of A Singly Reinforced Concrete Beam

Advantages Of Precast Concrete

How To Design Column With Excel

Step-by-step construction tips for concrete block wall construction

Be familiar with the detailed construction processes to repair a damaged drywall ceiling

Top Ten Most Impressive Construction Projects

Demo of Reinforced Concrete Beam Design Spreadsheet

How to set up stone veneer to the exterior of your home to give it an elegant look

How to validate a structural concrete beam with manual calculation

Intergraph SmartPlan Foundation 2014 - A useful construction program for plant information management

Some useful guidelines for concrete slab design in Visual Analysis 9.0

How to model a Reinforced Concrete Beam with Ansys Workbench

How to create design & analysis of a simple structure with Orion 18

Raken – A powerful construction app for Superintendents, Foreman & Project Managers

RC design with Beam, Column and Slab through STAAD.Pro

New Home Construction Cost Estimator Tool : A useful spreadsheet based estimating program

How to design a steel truss with Stadd.Pro Software

Some Best Construction Apps In Recent Times

Useful Processes for RCC Slab Casting

RCM ACI-Builder is a useful construction program for structural engineers

Construction Event on Estimation Technology 2016

Construction Master Pro - Optimize the construction math calculation with Advanced Feet Inch Fraction

The Basic Construction Estimator – A useful construction program to create professional estimate

Civil Engineering Flashcards to pass the Civil PE Exam successfully

Snappii offers some useful construction apps to perform various construction activities efficiently

How to estimate the quantities of masonry works

Ferrocement is a useful construction material to prevent structural damages due to earthquake

Moment Distribution Calculator and its functionalities

Civil Calcs is a useful construction program for Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors

PROKON 3.0 for structural analysis, design and detailing

How cement is used as useful construction materials in all through the globe

Design various types of reinforced concrete members with RCM ACI-Builder Software

Characteristics and Classification of Bricks

An effective road paving method to construction a long-lasting road or walkway

How to design a single reinforced concrete beam

Construction Report Manage Pro is the newest mobile based construction appl

Quantity Surveying Process and Role of a Quantity Surveyor

How to apply SCIA engineer for effective steel structure modeling

How to make estimate & quotation sheet in excel for a Deck Project

Follow this unique construction process for installing ceramic tiles on a floor efficiently

Brief demonstration of Shallow Foundation in Civil Engineering

Bricky Wall-Building Tool

How Good is Light Gauge Steel Construction?

Watch the live demonstration of SEMA Timber Construction Software

JobFLEX Pro is the next generation estimating app

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