Estimate difficult angles for roof framing with Rafter Tools+ for iPhone

Softwares Rafter Tools

Rafter Tools+ is one kind of rafter calculator applied for multifaceted roof framing angles. Besides, estimating general rafters, it also provides various roof framing angle information. The Rafter Tools Plus facilitates users to work out all of the difficult angles for roof framing.

The Rafter Tools Plus contains the following exclusive features:

Shows the hip rafter plumb line shift dimensions to outline hip rafters accurately for equal pitched or uneven hip roofs following any eave angle (0� - 180�). By applying the hip rafter plumb line shift dimensions, perfectly compute and layout the witches cut per with Rafter Tools Plus (Square Tail Fascia).

Shows the hip rafter roof framing angles by utilizing simplified Framing Square. Analyzes the lengths of common rafters, jack rafters and hip rafters through ridge and hip rafter width deductions. Capable of estimating Pentagonal, Hexagonal or Octagonal Roofs.

Timber Framing Angles calculated from Bartok, Hawkindale, Martindale and McKibben-Gray Hip-Valley Roof Ratios Angle Formulas. Timber Framing Angles definition are just a click away in the app.

The most updated version is 1.1.1 that includes Plywood Cut Dimensions to Hip Angles, Jack Rafter Shiften and 5 more Timber Framing Angles