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Estimating software is the most important tool in the preconstruction stage. An advance and dependable construction estimating software can produce an accurate estimation for the project. There are many estimating software available in the market. Before purchasing that, you have to understand which software can satisfy your need of estimating. Three functions of any estimating software are the main factors for choosing it. These are takeoff, cost database and cost estimating worksheets.

Estimating software helps the estimators to have a paperless project of estimating. With the help of this software, they can easily convert paper plans to an electronic format in which dimensions and proportions are used to estimate dimensions and quantities. This tool helps to save time and reduce error.

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Construction Takeoff Software

These estimating software import electronic blueprints or drawings of DWG image formats used by AutoCAD, PDF or Adobe Acrobat. Dimensioning and estimating works are generally done by standard mouse or digitizing tablet.

In this way, the estimators get built-in databases which can save time as well as reduce errors. The benefit of any standard estimating software is the ability to import complete cost lists from multiple sources with a minimum clean-up. You will have to keep in mind that you can apply cost increases to hundreds or even thousands of items globally in time of purchasing the estimating software. In the estimating worksheets of estimating software the real work takes place. There are the numbers and types of calculations available out of the box and note where you need to purchase supplemental software (which some estimating software vendors refer to as a module). Another important factor of estimating software is the capability of it to track multiple bids.

In a nut shell, you can say that the following attributes are important to choose estimating software

  • The determination of fields, headers and formula in the worksheet
  • The ability to add markups and different markups for different categories
  • The capacity of the markup to spread throughout the bid in specific line items
  • The package of multiple cost items into a single package
  • The use of dynamic or fixed ratios to drive quantities
  • The potentiality of the estimating software to compare bids and quotes directly
  • The support of the spreadsheet in unit-price bidding
  • The ability of the worksheet to manage change order costing