HBXL Software for UK based Developers and House Builders

Softwares HBXL Software

Developers use HBXL software because whether a one off build or multiple house or apartment development you can manage the whole business and automate all areas of the job. Simply create your CAD designs and then our technolgy automatically produces full estimates and tenders, job costing, customer contracts and health & safety paperwork.

Suitable for all standard construction methods including: brick and block | stone | timber frame and more...

EstimatorXpress for Developers and House Builders

Use award-winning EstimatorXpress to produce accurate estimatesand tenders. It�s the only estimating software to link directly to livemerchant prices (including trade discounts) and has a full projectmanager to produce Gantt charts, material schedules, bill of quantities,labour reports, profit calculations and more...

PlansXpress- CAD software used by Developers and House Builders

Quickly and easily draw professional building plans and elevations with PlansXpress. Yes you can produce planning application and building regulation compliant drawings! Plus link with EstimatorXpress to create the complete, integrated design and build solution...

Health & Safety Xpert - Essential health & safety for Developers and House Builders

Ensure you can fulfil your health & safety paperwork obligations with Health & Safety Xpert to quickly produce all the current Risk and COSHH assessments, site inspections, pre-construction info pack, construction phase health & safety plans and other essential documents...

ProjectXpert - Keeping your projects on time & budget:

ProjectXpert is aimed full square at anyone in the construction industry who wants to take control of every project, become more efficient and improve the way they operate. By ensuring your projects run smoothly you'll benefit from less stress, reduced costs and better cash flow.

ContractsXpert - Ensure you get paid

HBXL�s simplest software yet generates clear straightforward contracts to ensure you cover yourself and get paid! The contracts are authored by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and integrated into a user-friendly software package by HBXL - ContractsXpert requires very little input from you.

HBXL Software for UK based Developers and House Builders