Deal with the layout tasks of a building construction with Trimble Field Link 2.20

Softwares Trimble Field Link 2.20

Trimble just unveiled the availability of Trimble Field Link 2.20, the most updated version of its software for dealing with the layout tasks concerning the building construction. This latest release expands the management of field layout for contractors and field teams. Trimble Field Link 2.20 comes with task-oriented workflows, customizable views, and a touch-screen based user interface allowing optimization of the available information.

The users will be able to visualize the position within the 3D model corresponding to the layout point in their Field Link software by detecting the proper location of a point in the field.

This will provide a more perceptive, pragmatic 3D perspective viewpoint and simplify the process for navigating to the selected point. Trimble Field Link version 2.20 covers updates to Trimble Field Link for MEP and Trimble Field Link for Structures field software, which now contain augmented 3D model support, and an improved in-model viewpoint of layout view for a having a productive and sensible field layout. Besides, Trimble Field Link facilitates the users to experience superior visualization, navigation and rendering of building models, and import bigger, refined models.

Trimble Field Link includes reporting routines to feature layout productivity, and the capability to document accessible site conditions for information requests (RFIs).

Trimble also tied up with Bentley Systems to develop information mobility amid the design and field construction processes. With this collaboration, the users can distribute their 3D constructible models among design and engineering applications and Trimble Field Link 2.20 through Bentley’s mobilei-model technology.

The users can avail Trimble Field Link 2.20 is through Trimble’s authorized distributors of layout solutions from Trimble Buildings’ MEP and general contractor/construction manager divisions.