Estimating Service

Softwares Estimating Service

Budgetary controls in any project start with an accurate estimate. Producing accurate Project Estimating and costs of work numbers are significant steps in producing an estimation service. Keeping this in mind we provide accurate project estimation service, along with cost evaluations and budget which is applicable to the client’s visualization of the final product.

Our expert estimators apply latest technology and software, up to date databases of recent job costs and wages, statistical information and subcontractor and supplier submittals to provide accurate cost estimation service. Our estimators are also well versed with civil construction, local building and zoning codes, state and federal regulations to provide accurate quotations to the clients.

Estimation service is performed on a trade-by-trade basis applying the CSI format. We have broad clientele list which includes semiconductor manufacturers, architects, engineering firms, developers, government agencies, municipal agencies, and state agencies. We provide cost estimation service for different kind of projects that includes commercial, retail, warehousing, hospitals, schools, laboratories, prisons, high-rise private, public, and manufacturing.

SL.No. Types of Estimates Estimates can be performed using
1 Order of Magnitude MCASES Cost Engineering Systems
2 Conceptual G-2 Inc. Cost Systems
3 Square Foot Uniformat II
4 Unit Price Accuquote Cost Systems
4 Division by CSI Prolog Cost Reports

    Estimates can be performed using

  • Market analysis
  • Flexible cost estimating & calculation
  • Price finalization
  • Tender identification
  • Bid strategizing
  • Bid quotes and letters
  • Digital take-off, quantity summaries
  • Project Estimating / verification
  • Plan take-off, quantity summaries
  • Subcontractor / Supplier Quotation Requests and Comparison
  • Pricing based upon customized production schedules, labor
  • Consolidation of costs
  • Review and negotiation
  • Client presentation preparation
  • Handover to construction team
  • Rrates and material & equipment pricing
  • Claims preparation
  • Project Set-up
  • Project Management