Material Takeoff

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We provides accurate material takeoffs for some or all phases of Construction including elevation plan, concrete foundation, site concrete and cast-in-place concrete both for private and public biddings.

We generate accurate quantity take-off from plan sheets on any structure in spite of size. We can also undertake material sourcing from suppliers and solicitation of pricing from subcontractors. Framing take-offs introduce at .035 per square foot under roof. Cornice and siding, millwork, and all additional estimating requirements are charged individually.

For several elevation plans with options, add-in and back-out quantities are coordinated with the base plan to get the most out of material optimization. We offer workaround solutions after acknowledging overlap issues Additionally, reported takeoff errors and work order issues can be monitored and resolved throughout first build of each elevation. All works are given priority in 3 ways: the order placement; when your bid is owing whether your project is “expedited”. Expedited projects are evaluated with a surcharge in return for priority over non-expedited work.

We can generate material takeoffs from blueprints, electronic drawings (DWG/DXF, TIFs or PDFs), hand-drawn plans or rough sketches. Large files may be uploaded to our password-protected FTP site.

Material Takeoff