Some newest construction project management applications for effective construction management

Softwares Construction project management

Recently the global construction industry has witnessed great technological evolution. Several useful applications emerges out which can make your construction project management process superior from project planning to achievement. The following are some newest applications useful for effective construction project management.


This construction application will be useful if anyone directly performs with architect in future construction projects. The construction software enables the users to distribute plans, markups, photos, specifications, reports with the whole project team members effortlessly. So the possibilities for all types of mis-communications are reduced to a great extent and all the information can be easily allocated throughout planning stage to all the parties involved with the construction project.

Material Estimator

With this handy construction tool the contractors, designers, remodelers, engineers, architects as well as other building professionals will be able to calculate feet inch fraction construction math and building materials estimating. This construction application deals with square footage concerning any project and offers a instant estimate of the total materials (drywall, decks, fencing, gravel, concrete, flooring and paint etc.) utilized in a construction project.

Build It Live

It is (SaaS) construction project management software program useful for owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, vendors, laborers, who are associated with the project, to get all the updated information concerning the latest drawings, schedules, and changes online on the cloud. So the concerned parties in the planning & building of the projects will get access to the above information. If any modification is occurred to a project, all the project stakeholders will be notified about the modification automatically through the email.

Control Center 7

Control Center 7 allows the users to keep a track of their jobsite from any remote location. This construction application performs in tandem with cameras already set up in the jobsite and provides you visual access to the job ceaselessly. Get crucial visual information long after your project is finished as well as a complete online database of recorded images from your camera system.

Take photograph & post detailed views to be conveyed to the team members. Trim down lag time while finding any complication on site and resolving it. An immediate photo is used to provide change orders, a recently completed milestone or what materials are required for giving order.


This commercial construction bidding software can allow you to keep track on the financial information of vendors and subcontractors as well as bid project data, documents etc. associated with the project through a web-based and mobile platform. Just put the bid information into the app to have some ideas on whom to select. Besides, measurements and other statistics are also affixed to each bid for taking effective decision.

With bid invitations, the subcontractors will be able to get customized access to the online plan room. One can keep track of what plan files they view and download and collaborate on estimating through takeoff integrations.

Project Quote Estimate

Project Quote Estimate: It is a handy construction field estimator in the app store. It consists of 19 diversified calculators and tools for materials and costs that can generate an on-site estimate efficiently. This application is only compatible with residential properties at present.

This application lets building contractors to produce professional quotes instantly for any client in the construction site as well as estimate costs and quantities quickly for any renovation project. Just create a pdf quote and sent it to the clients through email.

iQuick Contract Maker

Quick Contract Maker can be applied to generate a legal contract instantly and effortlessly through any phone or handheld appliance. The application includes pre-written information useful for creating legal contract. It can be customized for any contract agreement. All stages of the contract are contained with the application, just select the section according to your choice and add it to the device and send it to the clients through email.

One can apply it for diverse projects which range from Construction, Landscape, Real Estate, Movers, Home Repair, etc.