Comprehensive estimate

Sheets Comprehensive estimate

A carpentry estimating sheet will include interior and exterior finishes, framing, cabinet, finished and unfinished carpentry, siding including all types of wood and hardy-plank, shingles, wood and composite decking etc. There are two types of items in a Carpentry estimating sheet i.e. Rough carpentry and Finish carpentry.

Rough Carpentry

Here you will get all structural wood or sheathing (except for large structural members or heavy decking), wood studs, plates, joists, rafters, girders, furring for paneling, siding, soffits, subfloor, and nailers for finish carpentry, rough plywood, asphalt impregnated sheathing as well as insulation in such wood framed walls. Quantity take off will be performed by linear feet of wood or sq. ft. of area, whichever is suitable. The linear feet of wood of each size is transferred to FBM (foot board measure) for pricing. Diverse sizes of softwood and thicknesses of sheathing and subfloor will differ in price. Plywoods may differ in cost/ sq. ft. with labor in hr/sq. ft. since the thickness or grade may be different.

Finish Carpentry

Finish carpentry refer to finished and visible Exposed wood (except heavy beams and decks). Finish carpentry contains interior paneling and exterior siding; wood trim for doors, windows, walls, etc.; construction of cabinets (often shop-built by supplier) and finish wood flooring as well as setting up of doors and windows (wood, aluminum, hollow metal); accessories (bathroom, kitchen, stair, classroom, office, etc.) on plaster, drywall, concrete, and wood; finish hardware (on doors, windows, cabinets, etc.); and cabinets. Quantity take off will be performed by units of each (ea.) apart from linear foot of each type of trim and FBM for wood siding and paneling and sq. ft. of plywood (or asbestos cement, or hardboard, etc.) paneling and siding.

Carpentry Sheet