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Softwares Construction Management

Construction Project Management can be termed as overall planning, coordination and control of a project from commencement to completion intended for fulfilling the need of the client for generating a functionally and financially feasible project. Now-a-days industry-specific project management software plays an important role for expanding integrated project management modules to participate with the leading stand-alone project management systems.

Construction companies can reap huge benefits by applying the Project management software in their projects. The most important benefits may range from Process Standardisation (manage job by reorganizing every step of project execution, standardising project management forms like RFIs, submittals, transmittals, change requests and business letters) , Document Control (generating a single data storage source for all project documents, creating a systematic process for documenting, tracking and following up on significant issues) and Cost Control (providing synchronized cost data to administer costs and take profitable decisions on project, providing information on budgets, contracts, change orders etc for making prompt evaluation of project, tracking & solving the issues like cost overruns and scheduling snags early in the project). Besides the project management software also generates executive level reporting for a single job or across all projects, field administration like punch list tracking and daily report logs, change order management and purchase order management. Given below some exclusive project management