ADAPT-Builder Suite – A useful construction software for designing conventionally reinforced concrete structures

ADAPT Corporation has developed ADAPT-Builder Suite that is used to make complete analysis of concrete buildings. This construction program is useful for General Structural Analysis, Analysis of Plates, Analysis of Frames, Analysis of Beams, Concrete Design, Analysis of Columns, Wind Loading, Foundations.

It contains Edge, Floor Pro and MAT etc. Edge makes analysis of complete building model for lateral and gravity load. Floor Pro is applied to make the comprehensive design of any concrete floor system with or without post-tensioning. MAT is used for producing the innovative design of foundations. There is also an optional column design module that provides support with a well-organized workflow for creating the cohesive design of vertical elements in a structure.

A robust and easily adoptable 3D finite element engine makes the Builder an exceptional construction software to perform the modeling and analysis of any concrete building efficiently.

Builder’s modules are compatible with an extensive range of international codes. Besides, they are well suited with simplified BIM workflows and can be easily incorporated with Revit Structure and other structural analysis packages.

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ADAPT-Builder Suite – A useful construction software