How to use AutoCAD for generating bar bending schedule

This construction video tutorial is the continuation of the video that focuses on bar bending schedule – stair reinforcement details theoretically. ( In this present video, one can learn how to use AutoCAD to produce bar bending schedule of staircase.

BBS or Bar Bending Schedule stands for an extensive list for actions in constructing stairs. It demonstrates the location, mark, type, size, length and number together with bending details of a single bar or fabric inside a Reinforcement Drawing of a Structure.

The video covers the following topics :-

Bar Bending Schedule is applicable for detailer, the person examining the drawing, contractor who provides orders for the reinforcement, organization liable for fabricating the reinforcement, steel fixer, clerk of works or other inspector, the quantity surveyor etc.

Most of the information contained in a BBS is obtainable in reinforcement drawings of the structural unit. Bar shape, diameter, length and spacing is directly provided in the schedule just by looking at the drawings, which contain brief dimensioning.

How to use AutoCAD for generating bar bending schedule