Brief Demonstration Of Trio Wall

Formwork alias bekesting / mal / molds that is formed with wood, plywood, steel to develop the fresh concrete.

TRIO stands for the globally recognized formwork system for all applications where the primary objective is to minimize the times for shuttering by applying traditional DW tie technology. With the BFD coupler for virtually all connections and many other practical system solutions, TRIO has proved it’s worth in numerous projects all through the globe. TRIO is utilized simultaneously with the more innovative MAXIMO panel formwork. A wide array of accessories, like the BFD Coupler or MXK Bracket System, is applied in both systems.

Given below, some exclusive features of Trio

  • Panel formwork is very flexible for faster performance. Panel formwork supports MAXIMO panel formwork
  • Panel heights up to 3.30 m, panel widths up to 2.40 m (standard system)
  • Highest allowable fresh concrete pressure: 80 kN/m²
  • Compatible with DW 15 and DW 20 tie systems
  • Flush, aligned and firm connections with the BFD Alignment Coupler – along with filler timber compensations up to 10 cm
  • Easy cleaning operations because of the powder-coated frame

Brief demonstration of trio wall