How to use excel to calculate required labor for Brick Masonry Work

Brick masonry is the process for developing the buildings and other structures with the application of brick stone, stone blocks, brick blocks which are arranged in a particular pattern and joined unitedly, generally with mortar. Sometimes, the term also refers to the brick units themselves. Masonry is recognized as a long-lasting construction system, and brick is one of the most normal types of masonry applied in industrialized nations. The longevity of a structure developed with this method is based on the type and consistency of the separate bricks chosen along with the style of masonry utilized.

This is a useful construction video presented by Unite Constructions And Unite Coaching. The video will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel to calculate the number of Labors essential for brick masonry work.

The rates for the required number of labors toward concrete work are derived from a standard DSR Book (District Schedule Rates Book).

The process is shown in a tabular form. The table contains different types of heads like serial number, labor, quantity of labors each 10 cu.m of work, rate per day (8 hours), total amount etc. There are different types of labor like head mason, mason, male worker, water carrier, sundries.

Brick Masonry involves proportion of mortar, volume of brick masonry, dry volume of mortar (with frog filling, wastage etc.), cement, cement bags, sand, number of bricks, assuming 5% wastage.

Cost of material is prepared for cement, sand and bricks.


How to use excel to calculate required labor for Brick Masonry Work