CE CALC – An exclusive online calculator for Civil and Structural Engineers

CE Calc Civil Calculator refers to a useful construction tool for civil engineering calculation. It is specifically designed for the civil and structural engineering professionals so that they fulfill their design requirements. This exclusive calculator can be applied to accomplish calculations toward various cihydrology, open channels, culverts, gravity sewer, pressure pipe, transmission lines, traffic/road geometry, surveying/earthwork, pavement, concrete floors and unit conversions.

The calculator facilitates a civil engineer to discover latest design calculations rapidly and easily referencing the most updated codes and standards.

Given below, some striking features of CE CALC Civil Calculator

Time of concentration and storm water runoff.

Open Channels:
Flow velocity, discharge, slope, weirs, Parshall flume and Froude Number.

Culvert selection and sizing, calculate headwater depth and outlet velocity.

Gravity Sewer:
Sanitary and storm sewer, velocity, discharge, slope head loss and pipe structural loads.

Transmission Lines:
Work out velocity head, minor losses, total dynamic head and pump properties.

Traffic/Road Geometry:
Passing distance, stopping distance, skidding distance, curve banking, horizontal curves, vertical curves and spiral curves.

Lattitudes and departures, azimuths, northings and eastings, area measurement, topographic leveling, earthwork volume and distance measurement.

Rigid and flexible pavement design by AASHTO and UFC design methods.

Concrete Floors:
Design of concrete floor slabs-on-grade using the UFC method.

Unit Conversion:
In-built unit conversion program, convert units of acceleration, angles, area, density, energy, flow, force, light, length, mass, power, pressure, temperature, torque, velocity and volume.

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