Civil Calcs is a useful construction program for Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors

Jamoke Innovations LLC develops Civil Calcs. It is an exclusive construction program compatible with iOS device.

This construction program is ideal for Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors to rapidly estimate as well as verify points on portions of a roadway profile. Besides, it can also be used for area calculations, drainage/flow calculations, traffic counts, etc. It is best suited in the office, when verifying any plans, or in the jobsite if you require some instant effective estimations.

This tool is specifically designed for plan checkers, surveyors, and engineers who accomplish recurrent vertical curve grade estimations as well as for verifying slopes and elevations, and angles. Ideal tool for Civil Engineering Students, and Professionals.

This app complies with Apples advocacy of a universal binary; meaning the purchase consists of both the iPad and iPhone versions for the identical price. So if the users contain an iPod/iPhone they can obtain that version, but if they contain the iPad they will have that version too. The Lite version of this app is not compatible with the iPad.

Link for download Civil Calcs for Civil Engineers


Civil Calcs