Step-by-step guidelines to develop a concrete block wall

A concrete block wall is formed with standard size concrete blocks. The standard size belongs to 8 inches. The sizes of the blocks may differentiate based on the design parameters and standards fixed by an engineer for the concrete structure.

A structure that is build up with concrete block is susceptible to concrete corrosion. Therefore, blocks are pre-coated to resist corrosion in the concrete block wall structure.

This construction video tutorial briefly shows how to construct a 20 feet long block wall from scratch with your own effort.

The block wall is built up on the basis of the following specification :-

Grade N units should be used for concrete blocks.

F’C (the specified compressive strength for concrete) should be 2500 psi for footing.

Reinforcing Steel should have been A615 Grade 40 or 60.

Fill all cells having steel with grout along with bond beam.

The wall should have been plumb and all block courses should be level.
Reinforcing steel splices should be at least 24”.

The first course should be arranged in fresh concrete for footing.
No of wall or fence should be permissible inside 36” of a fire hydrant and no wall, fence or foundation should be permissible inside 12” of a water meter.

Makin proper plan to adjust the height, location and design of the wall on the basis of the zone, location on the community design standards. Planning should be sanctioned before any permit is issued.

Step-by-step guidelines to develop a concrete block wall