Distinctive Construction Joints Details and Spot for Beams and Columns

During the need of concreting termination for the day or more than 30 minutes or so; construction joints in RCC beams and columns are necessary. In such circumstances, regular construction joints shall be provided for the reason that bond is maintained between set concrete and fresh concrete properly.

The provided images below portray proper process of construction joints to be provided in columns, beams and beam-column junction.

1. Construction Joints in Column

The figure below highlights accurate procedure of supplying construction joint in column. One thing should be kept in mind that smooth or tilted surface is not appropriate for providing construction joint in column. With parts of visible coarse aggregates the column’s top surface should be rough.

Construction Joints in Columns

2. Construction Joints in Beams and Beam-Column Joint

The figure as following give you an idea about the typical construction joint to be provided in beams and beam column joints.

Construction Joints for Beams and Columns

Construction Joints for Beams and Columns

Article Source : theconstructor.org