Construction Master Pro - Optimize the construction math calculation with Advanced Feet Inch Fraction

Calculated Industries, Inc. develops Construction Master® Pro compatible with iPhone and iPad. This construction tool is available in two models : #4065 and #4080 (CM Pro with Trig). If you want to switch over from an iOS device to an Android device, a new license should be purchased.

Construction Master® Pro is useful for standard advanced construction math calculations. This construction calculator offers huge benefits to the Architects, Builders, Contractors, Designers, Draftspersons, Engineers, Framers/Carpenters and Tradesmen. It can easily & perfectly resolve a complex construction math problem as well as minimize errors in the construction jobsite or office. The calculator is also used to diminish costly errors in the estimating, bidding and construction processes.

Construction Master® Pro contains the following features :-

• Entry Editing Backspace Key having a swipe of a finger (left - to - right)
• The users can access an in-depth guidance in English or Spanish from
• It contains complete trigonometric function like sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arccosine and arctangent
• Robust in-built solutions can easily finish layouts, plans, bids and estimates
• Include and transform amid all building dimensional formats: feet-inch-fractions, inch fraction, yards, decimal feet (10ths, 100ths), decimal inches and metric (m, cm, mm)
• In-built right angle functions can make the process easy for square-ups, rafters, slopes and more

The most updated version is 1.4.3 and it contains some new features like settling bug while changing from degrees to DMS (64-bit device users only).

BUILT-IN SOLUTIONS: Dimensional Math and Conversions.

• Feet-Inch-Fraction, Inch Fraction, Yards
• Decimal Feet (10ths, 100ths), Decimal Inches
• Preset Fractions (1/2" through 1/64")
• D:M(worry), Decimal Degree Entry and Conversions
• Full Metric Function (m, cm, mm)

Right Angle Solutions:

• Complete Right Angle/Rafter Calculations
• Pitch Key (Slope and Grade)
• Rise, Run, Diagonal/Common Rafters
• Hip/Valley Key
• Jack Rafters Key
• Irregular Hip/Valley and Jacks
• Rafter Cutting Angles (Plumb, Cheek and Level Cuts)
• Stair Layout Key
• Stair (Advanced – Riser Limit, Stairwell Opening, Headroom, Floor Thickness)
• Diagonal Key
• Expanded Rake-Wall
• Arched Rake-Wall

Link for download Construction Master Pro

Area and Volume Solutions

• Square and Cubic
• Roof – Bundles, Squares, 4x8 Sheets, Pitch, Plan Area
• Drywall, Siding and Paneling 4x8, 4x9 and 4x12
• Column/Cone Area and Volume
• Basic Circular Calculations
• Advanced Circular Calculations
• Weight per Volume Conversions
• Length, Width and Height Keys
• Blocks, Footings

Special Functions:

• Trigonometric Function Keys: Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent
• Board Feet
• Studs: Find number On-center
• User-Definable Preferences
• Cost per Unit (total costs based on unit price)
• Equal-Sided Polygon
• Compound Miters
• Crown Angle
• Paperless Tape
• 4 Memories

Construction Master Pro