Some useful construction tips for becoming a successful rebar checker

While developing a big project, there should be a perfect technical engineering perception and cautious observation. Besides, other crucial examinations, Reinforced Cement Concrete should be verified for rebar toward the supplied construction drawings / shop drawings or technical specifications.

It should be remembered that the obstacle and cost associated with this activity may cause imperfection from the contractors end and it should be resolved / settled by a well-known consulting firm assigning on the inspection of execution.

One should have sound knowledge and well versed with the binding method of the steel rebar. Given below, some useful construction tips suggested by the top peers:-

a. Initially, one should have good knowledge on how to study a rebar drawing as well as communicate with it in the jobsite. In order to become a proficient rebar checker, you should have the capability to read drawing.

b. Carry a measuring tape with yourself so that you can verify the spacing and the splice length or development length.

c. Use a plastic glove, when checking the rebars as holding steel with bare hands may cause harm to the skin of of your body.

d. Should be familiar with the physical features of the construction component i.e. installing the drainage pipe or electrical conduit or replacing water stopper and any other pipes / embedded item.

e. Use vernier caliper to verify rebar diameter, rebar spacing, rebar development length, lap / splice length, alignment. Other important things range from no sag or buckling in the bars, perfectly fixed & tightened couplers, rust free bars, verifying clear cover, counting no of bars as per drawing specifications and must not be below or over 2 bars.

f. As a newbie in this field, try to keep in touch with contractor’s foreman or site engineer as they know well how to arrange these bars.

g. You should have good knowledge concerning the steel quality tests like tensile strength check or torsion failure strength or coupler tension strength check etc. Make sure that the steel are used after proper verification and poor quality steels are used.

h. Because of rough field conditions and difficultly in setting up / fixing of rebars, the proper design can’t be created. But you must be very careful about it as improper design may lead to collapse of a building.

i. One of the very crucial factors is to retain the exact orientation of bars like main rebars should be always arranged under the distribution or temperature rebars. It can be verified from the drawings submitted to you.


Some useful construction tips for becoming a successful rebar checker