Demo Of Climbing Formwork System

Climbing formwork denotes an innovative formwork toward vertical concrete structures that develops with the progression of the building. This type of formwork system is ideal for the construction of dams, towers, piers, pylons etc.

The process for setting up of this type of formwork is very complex and expensive. It offers streamlined solution for buildings which are either very iterative in form (like towers or skyscrapers) or necessitate a continuous wall structure (with the use of gliding formwork, a special type of climbing formwork).

Different types of climbing formwork available in the construction industries, which can be either displaced from time to time, or can even shift independently (typically on hydraulic jacks, essential for self-climbing and gliding formworks).

Give below some of the most recognized climbing formworks :-

CR-250: Powerful Climbing Bracket system intended for bigger formwork units. It is mainly applied for pouring of double-sided walls (piers, walls, etc.). The brackets are based on anchor cones, which were implanted in the concrete in earlier pouring phases.

KSP: KSP is ideal for lift and staircase shafts, hollow piers or other types of gaps where it is essential to support formwork panels. This system is usually integrated with customary climbing systems at the outside of the wall.



Demo of Climbing Formwork System