Derivation for quantity in CFT in 1 Bag Cement

On the basis of the capability of the cement to be set in the existence of water, cements used in construction are classified as either hydraulic or non-hydraulic (see hydraulic and non-hydraulic lime plaster).

It will be difficult for non-hydraulic cement, to be set in wet conditions or underwater; instead, it sets once it dries and reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. It is defiant to any chemical attack as soon as it is set.

Density of Cement = 1440kg/m3
For 1 m3 Cement needed is 1440 kg
1 Bag of Cement = 50 kg
For 1 m3 Cement needed = 1440/50 = 28.8 bags
We know, 1 m3 = 35.3147 CFT
Or, 28.8 bags = 35.3147 CFT
Or, 1 Bag = 35.3147/28.8 = 1.226 CFT

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