Analysis and Design of Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete Retaining Wall Design: Before starting, initially, we should verify the constancy of the retaining wall. Besides, verification should be done for overturning and sliding prior to continue with the design.

The bearing under the foundation should also be examined. If the soil provides support to the wall, bearing pressure below the foundation of wall shall be under the acceptable bearing capacity.

To start with, you should inspect the retaining wall and determine the bending moments and shear forces with the use of an analysis software like SAP2000 or PROKON or any other software or with calculations by hand. If there are dissimilarities like steps in the retaining wall and the emphasis is given on stress variation of the wall, you can utilize software like SAP2000 or ANSIS.

Calculations by hand can be performed for basic retaining walls which do not contain lots of complications. As for instance, cantilever retaining wall is examined by making its behavior simple. You can imagine the boundary condition "fixed" at base to get the bending moments and shear forces of the wall. Once the wall forces are detected, you can get the forces of the base of the wall. The most suitable process will be applying a software to locate the bending moments and shear forces.

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Analysis and Design of Concrete Retaining Wall
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