How to develop marble flooring in a site

This construction video tutorial provides step-by-step methods for arranging marble flooring properly.

The process involve the following steps :-

Initial step should be chipping floor slightly, The next step is to clean the area properly after chipping is completed, Again start chipping in major way, Spreading slurry of cement for affixing in a perfect manner, Start for the formation of mortar bed, Take out fibre from back side of marble, Cut mortar in such a manner in order that cement slurry can enter inside perfectly, Apply white cement slurry for Italian marble, Cleanse the edge of marble, Position marble properly, Check to maintain the exact level of flooring, Start to polish marble manually or through machine, Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring.

Benefits of Marble
• Marble produces a very glorious appealing look on the interiors specifically Italian marble.
• Marble flooring has good longevity. It is made of a heavy stone and can bear heavy loads on it.
• Marble flooring contains good resistance capacity against scratch.

Disadvantages of Marble
• The appropriate care and maintenance should be taken for marble. Acid should not be applied on marble as it’s shine will get lost. Marble should be polished frequently over a period of time to maintain it’s new look. Without proper cares, the marble turns out to be yellowish in color.
• Italian marble is normally very soft and there are chances for being cracked. Proper resins should be applied for getting a durable & solid surface and resisting of cracks.

• Exact sealants should be employed in marble flooring as the marble is extremely porous and likely to staining. It consumes stains rapidly especially kitchen stains henceforth are not suitable for kitchen counter tops.
• Marble is very heavy and several labor is needed for lifting purpose. Only very professional contractors have the ability to deal with marble flooring and insert design infill’s in the floor.
• Marble flooring is not recommended in winters as it gets severely cold

How to develop marble flooring in a site