Different types of doors for building

The size of the door should be made with such dimension so that it becomes possible to move the largest object through the doors.

For residential buildings, the size of the door should start from 0.9 m × 2.0 m and over. Larger doors are built up at the core entrance to the building to make view elegant. Minimum sized doors are suitable for bath rooms and water closets. The proposed size is 0.75 m × 1.9 m. As a thumb rule height of door should have been 1 m over and above its width.

Types of Doors - Different types of doors are available which are categorized based on the disposition of shutters, construction processes, precepts of working operations and materials employed. Detailed information is given below for the doors which are frequently used in the buildings:

1. Battened and Ledged Doors: Battens are 100 mm to 150 mm large and made with 20 mm dense wooden boards. Their length is that of door opening. The battens are tied with horizontal planks, which are called as ledges of size 100 to 200 mm large and 30 mm thick. Generally, three ledges are employed one at top, one at bottom and the third one at mid-height. This is the easiest form of door and the economical also. Battens are fastened with tongued and grooved joint.

2. Battened, Ledged and Braced Doors: If doors are wide except for applying battens and ledges diagonal members, identified as braces, are used to make the door toughen.

Periodically, above two types of shutters are supplied inside wooden frame work and in those cases they are named as battened, ledges and framed doors.

3. Framed and Panelled Doors: This type of door comprises of vertical members, known as styles and horizontal members known as rails. The styles and rails are properly grooved to obtain panels. The panels may range from wood, A.C. sheet, glasses etc. The panels are flat or of raised type for having good appearance. These doors are used extensively. They are made of single shutter or of double shutter. If glass panels are employed they are known as glazed doors.

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Different types of doors for building