Download the spreadsheet for designing the concrete strip footing

The construction professionals can download this excel sheet at free of cost for creating Download Reinforced Concrete Strip Footing efficiently. A wall footing or strip footing stands for a continuous strip of concrete that can be applied to extent the weight of a load-bearing wall over an area of soil. It is an element of the shallow foundation. Strip foundations are ideal for the situation when the soil contains good load bearing capability.

Strip footings are also useful for unstable ground to expand the foundation bearing area as well as decrease the bearing pressure. If the ground becomes weaker, the strip will be broader. If it is required to harden the strip to with variation in settlement, then tee or inverted tee strip footings are recommended to use.

The size and position of the strip is directly associated with the width of the wall. The primary design features of a strip foundation are created on the basis of the information that the load is delivered at 45 degrees from the base of the wall to the soil. The depth of a strip foundation should be equivalent to or higher than the complete width of the wall. The width of the foundation should have been three times the width of the supported wall. If the steel reinforcement is added, the strength of the strip foundation is increased significantly.

When it is required to design the strip foundation, dead loads are treated as the most crucial loads. The spreadsheet will empower the users to design reinforced and unreinforced concrete strip footings as well as discover axial, bending moment and/or horizontal loads.

The spreadsheet can be used to substantiate uplift, overturning, sliding and bearing pressure for the reinforced concrete fitting. The spreadsheet also contains a diagram and when the values are entered, it gets solved and the diagram of designed Strip Footing is shown.

If you want to download the Reinforced concrete Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet, click on the following link.

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Download the spreadsheet for designing the concrete strip footing