Duties of a Construction Manager

Construction sites are risky and full of responsibilities and as a construction manager, it is his responsibility to set and keep right schedules, auditing finances and keeping eye on everyone about their work and needs. The manager has to make sure about the workers that the workplace is free of safety hazards and work with different working relationships in a job site.

And for securing it properly, the managers need to overlook and lead a range of building projects from start to end. Construction works on the design between the smaller renovation and remodeling jobs for larger commercial projects such as office buildings, hospitals and schools.

In America it is seen that nearly 75% of the construction managers are free contractors and hired by various clients in need of managers with definite work experience. The number of that kind of clients are increasing and demanding an educational background for their managers included a bachelor’s degree in the related field.

Difference between Construction Manager and General Contractor: Though both the terms are generally used interchangeably, they have specific differences. Generally the construction managers are associated in a given project from start to end, help their clients with basic planning with the selection of the project’s general contractor and architect. Construction managers sometimes serve in a separate capacity as the general contractor. In other hand a general contractor is responsible to provide all kinds of material, labor, engineering vehicles and tools and services which are crucial for the construction of the project. They hire professional subcontractors for doing all or parts of the construction work.

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager: A construction manager has to perform certain tasks or responsibilities like:

Quality management: Sometimes some contractors and subcontractors need to involve in construction projects. Most importantly a construction manager has to ensure the quality work of everyone without cutting any corners.

Quality management: It is important to keep an estimate of the cost and a good construction manager will always works on the costs and makes the needful adjustments if any unexpected complications or issues become arise.

Safety management: It is important to keep the capability for identifying and eliminating possible safety hazards in th4e job site for everyone’s good.

Contract administration: A good contractor need to take care that every arrangement as per the contract should be met and the involved parties are also happy.

Besides all of these things, a construction manager has to keep involved all the parties and well informed during the whole project. It will include the client, the architect and contractor or sub contractor also and in case of any rising issue the manager has to take his position to deal with the things instantly.

Becoming a Construction Manager: A construction manager has to be involved in more things, than only reading blueprints or spot-checking the quality of the work that has done. A good manager must have knowledge about all kind of standard building codes and understand the importance of green culture. The managers have to be adept with the industry-specific software with a good working knowledge of all kinds of the job. As work experience is not enough, the managers should have a bachelor’s degree in construction science, civil engineering or construction management.

They also should keep knowledge over statistics, mathematics, and architecture and information technology with specialized training in designing and planning, enforcement of building codes, scheduling and cost estimation. They possess awesome communication skills with a leading capability of a diverse team where will be different people like from site workers to the client to the designers, architects and tradesman. As the construction site is a hazard place the managers need to have the ability to do multitask works.

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Duties of a Construction Manager