Edificius – The most powerful software for architecture, engineering & construction sectors

ACCA Software SpA has developed Edificius, the leading professional software specially designed for architecture, engineering and construction. With Edificius, one can simplify the 3d architectural design process.

This Architectural BIM Design software can easily produce various construction documents like floor plans, elevation views, cross-sections, isometric and perspective views with a simple 2D or 3D input.

Every step of the BIM modelling phase is similar to an automatic and dynamic deviation of the pertaining construction documents adopting from the project. This will save huge time and get rid of errors.

With the 3D Edificius Architectural Design software, it is possible to instantly and smoothly explain the building’s BIM model with parametric architectural BIM objects exactly for 3D architectural design.

Edificius allows the users to instantly and simply generate the building’s BIM model that functions with both plan view (2D) or directly in the 3D modeling atmosphere through parametric architectural objects.

With “building envelope” objects, “curved building envelope” and “horizontal building envelope” it becomes easier to draw different types of load bearing walls, curtain walls, floors, walls and internal partitions. Isolate inner spaces from the outside, demarcating rooms and compartments and automatically obtain volumes and surface data, both for urban planning parameter assessments and for organizing the initial stages of what will then turn out to be the project’s cost estimate.

With the “curtain wall” and “curved curtain wall” objects, outline curtain wall facades (together with windows), etc.

There are user-friendly functional tools within roof object to model all types of pitched roof slabs.

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Edificius – The most powerful software for architecture, engineering & construction sectors