Elevator Shaft Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Details

Elevator (lift) Shaft Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls detail is a CAD dwg drawing that contains “Π” shaped elevator shaft shear wall with primary and secondary column reinforcement.

There are various details in this drawing which range from main and secondary column reinforcement rebars, stirrups, links details, shear reinforcement. This template is very essential to save huge time in your projects. Dimensions of this elevator-lift shaft shear wall can be modified efficiently through some easy to follow CAD commands, spreading the middle light reinforced part of each shear wall devoid of modifying the main column reinforcements.

Other Elevator Shear Wall Details include the following :

– Elevator Shaft Pit Foundation Reinforcement Detail
– Reinforced Concrete Column Supported on Mat ( spread ) Foundation
– Shear Wall Reinforced Concrete Column Reinforcement Details


Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall