Excel based template for concrete estimating

CONCRETE ESTIMATE EXCEL TEMPLATE is used to define more authentic quantities and bidding for concrete.

This exclusive excel template is created specifically to perform a comprehensive takeoff and sum up the quantities automatically on the basis of the scope or assembly item.

Just take off items specific to the assemblies for which bidding is done and the totals delivered to a summary sheet.

This template workbook is very effective and perfect. It is also possible to customize the workbook for particular work.

These templates are available in Word and Excel format for Microsoft Office for PC or Mac. Some of these templates are compatible with PDF versions.

This template offers the following features:

  • Most of the calculations can be made automatically
  • Very user-friendly (the hard work of setup is already done)
  • Saves significant time
  • The template can be used repeatedly.
  • Easily customizable as per your requirements

Link for download

Excel based template for concrete estimating