Foundation3D – A powerful construction tool for footing analysis and design

Foundation3D is a powerful tool that can be used for analyzing and designing spread and combined footing. The design of soil or pile supported foundation can be completed without any difficulty.

This tool is best suited for for creating the design of foundations for industrial equipment like horizontal exchangers and vessels, vertical vessels or towers, pipe racks and other plant supports.

By creating foundation design automatically, Foundation3D can constantly fulfill or outdo your project schedule requirements. Foundation3D facilitates to considerably enhance your productivity at each phase of your project ranging from equipment-specific automated load calculations to generating design sketches.


• International Design Codes: Compatible with various international concrete design codes to finish the global projects successfully.
• User Defined Parameters: There are various customizable design options like concrete cover, pile arrangement and lots others to facilitate fulfilling different types of project specifications.
• Load Generation: Computes different types of equipment loads along with wind loads instantly and precisely to save significant times for load calculation.
• Load Cases and Combinations: Produces load cases and combinations for equipment foundation design which are mostly utilized and reduce major design time
• Soil/Pile Supported Designs: Accomplishes both soil and pile supported foundation designs in an collaborative surrounding facilitating you to explore with various “what-if” scenarios for getting best solution
• Analysis/Design Modes: Provides supports to both analysis and design modes for successful execution of your grass-roots or revamp projects, minimizing the total cost of ownership

• Numerous Foundation Components Design: Accomplishes the design process of several elements concerning a foundation like pedestals and footing, saving you the cost of learning multiple software solutions
• Rebar Layouts: Produces the layouts of rebar in pedestals and footings with customization options
• Material Quantities: Creates the material quantities to produce perfect cost estimates to your customers each time, at each stage of the project
• Detailed Design Sketches: Creates a detailed design sketch along with foundation plan, elevation, and sections, facilitating you to sum up the finalized design efficiently

• 2D Drawings: Collaborates with most recognized CAD engines to deliver 2D construction drawings, allowing you to control your design-drawing environment and human resources competently
• 3D Models: Collaborates with robust modeling tools to produce 3D models of the completed foundation design, facilitating you to fulfill or outdo compressed, variable project schedule requirements
• Multiple Reporting Options: Produces various types of customizable reports for your internal or client requirements
• Import Wizard: Imports support geometry and reactions from any superstructure software solution to execute foundation design instantly, enhancing your productivity.

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Foundation3D – A powerful construction tool for footing analysis and design