How method of joints is used for truss analysis

Trusses are required to support roof and towers as well as fortify bridges. Truss analysis is carried on to design truss members, and its joints perfectly. One must possess clear idea concerning what load is approved by every members of the truss, under a specified loading condition.

The most recognized method for defining forces within a truss is method of joints. The fundamental concept of method of joints is that, as the truss is in equilibrium, every joint in truss will also become equilibrium.

The following animated construction video briefly describes the method of joints for truss analysis. Learn step-by-step processes required for analyzing a truss successfully. The video focuses on the following topics :-

Free body diagram of truss

Purpose of reaction forces

Use of concept of equilibrium of joints to each joint of truss to define unidentified forces in truss members


How method of joints is used for truss analysis