How to build semi circular arch for a brick wall

Rob Songer comes up with a live construction video on semi circular brick arch for a wall. Learn the detailed processes for developing this type of brickwall.

Semi-cirular arch is considered as the most sophisticated and structurally powerful method for providing support to brickwork above the small openings for doors and windows and for arcades, viaducts and bridges. Under this method the perfectly shaped bricks are placed with mortar in ornamental brickwork. Its smooth, incessant curve makes it very flexible to many architectural styles and applications.

In recent times, brick arching has been used in the form of arched heads to openings in loadbearing walls, brick face work to framed buildings and arcading.

The most effective method of supporting brickwork above an opening is to apply a semicircular arch that disperses the load of the wall it supports directly to the sides of the opening through the arch.


Semi Circular Brick Arch