How to design steel frame in Sap2000 structural analysis & design program

Steel structures are mostly recognized in the construction industry because these are accessible simply and require fewer time in fabrication.

Given below a sample of office building plan as well as the process of design :-
Material applied was Steel A9950
Software applied are SAP 2000

Analysis Model:
The process for designing the steel frame in sap2000 is completed. Designed frame is “pinned” and it signifies that it withstands lateral forces through a bracing system.
Just frame A-A was modeled to retain things uncomplicated and comparatively precise. Loads were initially supposed in accordance with ASCE 7-10 and then were dispersed on frame A-A. Analysis was run and then ASCE 7-10 is applied to design load combinations sections through sap auto list. AUTO list refers to a library of all the ASCE certified sections that is imported into SAAP. SAAP applies this list afterward to deliver initial design sections.

Load Calculation:
Load calculations are executed for dead, live, wind and roof cases. Detailed calculation are out of vision of this text and can be submitted on request.

Analysis of model:
Sketch of model :
There were no selected templates in the beginning of the model, a grid model was arranged considering the small details of the frame with the purpose of drawing it without any difficulty.

Definition of sections
Following sections were allotted to equivalent members so as to design them individually. Steel used in all cases was A9950


Each Property was allotted to appropriate auto selection list of diverse sections so that Sap2000 designs them in accordance with that list.

Definition of Load Pattern
Following load patterns were determined which were relevant to thes model
Live Load
Wind Load
Dead Load
Roof Load

How to design steel frame in Sap2000 structural analysis & design program

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